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Meet Marjorie Nicole

Marjorie Nicole, a Baltimore native and founder of NSAA African Creations, is one of millions of Black women-owned business owners who have turned creativity, skill and passion into a revenue generating business. Using African fabrics and American tailoring, Marjorie broke into the world of couture fashion without the use of commercial patterns. Once a math teacher at St. Frances Academy in Baltimore City, since 2014, Marjorie has managed to grow her hand-made, African-inspired design company in ways that have allowed her to become a full-time entrepreneur.

"I am inspired by everyday people and conversations. I find my true motivation when talking to women who have difficult experiences finding clothes that meet their specific needs and desires. I use my math mind to solve fashion problems"

Marjorie is vested in her business and focused on her vision to grow and expand, ultimately leaving a legacy for her children and grandchildren.

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